The Klausenpass (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klausen_Pass) is one of the few higher altitude passes that is open already in May, and it is close by. It takes a bit over an hour with normal traffic to get to the start of the pass, but, if you are like me and have your navigation system (iPhone 7) in some pouch on top of your tank bag, it can get to too hot – it was 28 degrees today. So it shuts off, which I did not see, as it was so bright and hot, and I rode for 30 minutes in the wrong direction.

Beautiful area though.

And then it can take another 30 minutes to get through a “technical inspection” by our local friendly police officers. That totally did not happen to me, that would have been to hot standing there at a bus stop in the sun, while he was asking stuff like: “Do you have the paper work for your exhaust….hmm… is the cat still in there?”…

Anyhow, once I arrived I had a quick break at the Burger King at the last roundabout (coming from Altdorf), and then I was off for 46km of pass driving.

In an article on motorradonline they rank the 10 most beautiful pass roads here in Switzerland, and Klausenpass is on number 6. Wow. I have not seen the other 5 yet, but I can not wait.

Overall, this is a 3-4 hour tour from my home, and as most of the other higher passes are closer to the south border, this is probably one I will visit rather frequently. I can not believe I live that close to so much beauty.


Living and travelling in Zurich

My job, by accident and choice, brought me from Wermelskirchen, a quiet, boring little town north of Cologne, Germany to Zurich in Switzerland. Some data to compare:

  • Wermelskirchen, 35.000 People, speaking one language. Zurich 417.000 with 135.000 of them being foreigners.
  • Wermelskirchen is in the middle of nowhere with no public transportation and the questionable benefit of being close to Cologne, resulting in endless traffic jams on the highways as the local government seems to be unable to get their act together. The collapsing bridge over the river Rhine is planned to be repaired in 2022 and is a constant source of pleasure for everyone.
  • Zurich has, hands down, the best public transportation system I have ever seen. The Tram I am taking to get to work goes every 7 minutes, from early morning until late night.
  • Wermelskirchen, one cute little Cinema. No theater. No clubs. We did have a McDonalds though, which is the pride of the town.
  • Zurich has countless movie theatres, an Oper, theatres, and museums etc… It is a town that gives you something new to do every weekend if you are so inclined. It is a big city, but not so big that the country boy I have become feel overwhelmed.

I left around Christmas 2016l. Now it is May 2017, and I do not miss the place I lived in for 17 years one bit. That Zurich is such a nice town, and Switzerland so beautiful is making it easy.